Alex is a freelance Director of Photography based in Portland, ME. He has worked on Documentary series for HBO, Hulu, and ProSieben (Germany) as well as a number of short films, commercials and work for non-profits in Maine. 
He loves to resonate with the movement of his subjects, often with a Steadicam or the energy of handheld. Filmmaking has served as a way of getting to know the world and the vibrant stories within it. 
Alex's journey in film began as an editor, and his cinematography is still informed by how the images serve the greater story. A pretty picture is great, but one that bridges scenes and helps viewers relate or understand is greater. He strives to bring empathy, intimacy, and resonance to the often fast-paced documentary world.
When not on set, Alex can be found somewhere on the ocean, probably in Casco Bay, ME. 
Thank you!
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